What’s the most natural way to pay? Lydia for Slack

Someday, we’ll be able to send and request money to friends, just by speaking with them. It could look like this: 

John : “I’ve bought the concert tickets!”
Amy : “Cool! How much was it?”
John : “Just 20 € ”
Amy : “OK. Lydia, can you send John 20 €?”
John : “Just received it, thanks!”

It would be convenient wouldn’t it? Voice is so innate. What about chatting? Well, here it is:

The easiest payment in the world

As you know, our obsession at Lydia HQ is to make all your payments as easy as possible. We are convinced that everything would be simpler if we could exchange money without the burden of metal coins.

That’s why we created Lydia app, one of the first French mobile payment apps. That’s also why we launched the very first payment app for Apple Watch in the world. We want technology to blend in your environment, so that you can use Lydia as quickly and naturally as possible when you need to send or request money. We believe that technology must disappear to only be here when we need it, without disturbing whatever you are doing at the moment.

Today, we are making one more step towards this direction. We added some artificial intelligence into Lydia in order to create the very first payment bot for Slack, a professional messaging platform that enables coworkers to communicate easily, and which is very sucessful within companies.
Slack users can now exchange money with their colleagues just by chatting together. Exactly like in our example above. They just have to add Lydia’s bot in their conversation.

Lydia’s integration in Slack conversations is just the beginning. We will make it available for the main messaging platforms in the coming months. And who knows, maybe one day we will be able to go from written conversation to oral conversations, and allow you to exchange money just by speaking and without seeing any piece of technology.

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